Pot-Limit Omaha Poker Strategy

Pot Limit Omaha (PLO) is an exciting version of poker which is growing in popularity. It’s different from Texas Hold’em and more difficult to master, but those who take the time to learn good strategy stand a better chance of making a profit playing PLO poker. Here are some basic strategies that successful Pot Limit Omaha players use.

Don’t overestimate your hand

Remember, the two additional hole cards in PLO strengthen the average hand compared to Texas Hold’em, so don’t assume that a hand that would be strong in Hold’em will be as strong in Omaha. In addition, the value of a good hand is not as dominant meaning your percentages are reduced. The strongest hand on the flop still only has a slight advantage over a set of four random cards so betting the minimum to stay in the hand is a common PLO poker strategy.

Don’t be fooled by hole card sequences

Being dealt with what looks like the beginning of a straight may tempt you into betting, but remember, you’ll have to discard two of your hole cards and it’s unlikely you’ll have a winning hand by the river. The nature of the game means that the winning hands in Pot Limit Hold’em are often much stronger than in the Texas variation.

Don’t play small pairs

If you are dealt a small pair, the chances are your hand will fail at the flop. If you are lucky enough to draw a set, it is likely to get beaten by a higher value hand. Low-value pairs are nothing to get excited about in PLO.

Small flushes are easily beaten

Any flush less than queen high is likely to get beaten in a game featuring several opponents. Unless you have a nut flush, you should proceed with extreme caution.

Your discarded hole cards have an effect on the game

If you are dealt two aces, a king and a queen, you will most likely play the two aces. But you will play the hand knowing that at least one king and one queen is out of the game. Therefore, your hand has more value than if you played two aces after being dealt two aces, a four and a three.

Don’t try and bluff your way through a hand

Bluffing is not very effective as an Omaha poker strategy. Players usually play to the strength of their hand, so will continue even if you try and call their bluff. Your bluffing could actually expose you as a weak player and give your opponents an advantage. That’s not to say bluffing does not have its place in Omaha strategy, but it is used much more sparingly and at opportune moments.

Beginner Pot Limit Omaha Strategy

Advanced Pot Limit Omaha Strategy