Short-Stacking In PLO – Part #2, Tables, Seats and Sites!

In the first part of our PLO Short Stacking Guide we introduced the concept and why this is a profitable – though controversial – Omaha Strategy.

This article takes short-stacking PLO games one step further by addressing the fact that some games are great for short-stacking, while in others this method is less effective. The aim of this article is to show you that with just a little care in your table, seat and poker site selection – your profits from employing this strategy can be significantly better.

We start by looking at the Short-stacker’s number #1 enemy – blind pressure, and from this we note the most profitable games. Next we look at the type of opponents which make an ideal table on which to employ this strategy, we will show you how to locate these tables. We will then look at seating at the table, particularly in relation to the most aggressive players. Finally the sites which are ‘ideal’ for short-stacking PLO are listed – along with links to our detailed Omaha-based reviews for more information.

Blind Pressure

Waiting for premium hands to limp-reraise with can sometimes test your patience. It can also test your poker bankroll if those blinds are coming around too fast. The high cost of blinds for short-stackers make this strategy less suited to 6-max Omaha games – where you will not see enough premium hands to justify paying the price of the blinds.

Some sites and live games feature different blind structures from the half bet / bet most commonly used. This can include 3 blinds, a straddle on the button or – as is the case with the OnGame Poker network – equal blinds of one big bet each.

Key to short stacking is to keep the blind pressure to a minimum, this makes the best places to do this those online poker sites with 10 player tables. Think of it this way that extra ‘free’ hand once an orbit could actually add 1 big blind per 100 hands to your profits – and for those playing 4 or more tables this could be a significant hourly sum.

Which Tables Are Best?

Most online poker sites show you statistics in their lobby covering the percentage of players seeing each flop and the average size of each pot. By using some ‘rules of thumb’ to decipher what these mean we can quickly determine which is the most profitable table for the shortstacking PLO strategy.

Low % To Flop, Low Average Pot Size – This may well be a tight and nitty table – not one where we expect to be able to limp re-raise too often.

Low % To Flop, High Average Pot Size – Tight Aggressive at first glance, could be characterized by big pots between quality hands. This is a possibility for short-stackers, however the lack of ‘dead money’ may be a concern.

High % To Flop, Low Average Pot Size – Stay clear! This is a typical characteristic of a loose and passive table, you are unlikely to see a raise pre-flop and this will not be in a position to get all-in early in the hand. This table set-up typifies lower-stakes games online.

High % To Flop, High Average Pot Size – This is the type of table we are looking for with raises before the flop building big pots, enabling you to get all-in and leaving plenty of scope for those deep stacks to fight it out.

Selecting the best tables actually only takes a couple of minutes and can add significantly to your bottom line – yet many players choose not to do this. We recommend whatever steps make you the most profit, and table selection is potentially a gold mine.

Seating Considerations

After selecting the best table it can also pay to select the best seat. Online waiting lists will not usually let you choose (you are invited to join the first seat that becomes available). However, those with the discipline to turn down an unsuitable seat and wait 10 minutes longer for a better one will show a significantly higher profit.

Ideally, the most aggressive players would be seated to your immediateleft – that is to say that you will act before they do the majority of the time. This allows you to limp with those premium hands with a reasonable expectation that there will be a re-raise and several calls before the action gets back to you. Your objective of getting all the chips in pre-flop with dead money in the pot can then be achieved.

With that same aggressive player sat to your right things are more difficult. If this opponent raises pre-flop you may be able to re-raise most of your stack, but this discourages multi-way action to a large extent.

Remember that most of your profit comes from money bet by players who fold later in the hand. Your position compared to your most aggressive opponents is a key factor in determining the dynamic of hands – keep them as close to yourleft as possible. As you become experienced in Short-Stacking PLO Games you can turn down seats when those same aggressive players are to your immediate right.

Which Are The Ideal Sites?

Each online poker site has its own pros and cons when Omaha is concerned. However, the short-stacker is looking for very specific criteria to maximize their profits – 10 handed tables with high percentage to flop and large pot-size statistics. We suggest 3 sites below which fit these criteria nicely. Detailed Omaha-specific reviews of all of the leading poker sites can be found in our Best Site For Omaha Poker section.

For US Readers – Lock Poker

Lock have 10 handed tables, standard blinds and significantly weaker opposition than many US-friendly poker sites. In addition to some of the easiest poker deposit methods around this site’s loyalty schemes are considered some of the best in the industry. Lock also offer both an industry leading 100% to $750 sign-up bonus.

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Best For Non-US Readers – Titan Poker (iPoker Network)

We highly recommend the iPoker Network’s best known brand – Titan Poker, to players outside of the USA as a top choice for short-stacking. The 10 player tables rate as some of the fishiest you will find anywhere online, with large numbers of inexperienced and recreational players online. With generous bonuses and a VIP club worth up to 30%++ extra for loyal players. We believe that Titan Poker offer one of the best combinations of easy games and great bonuses available. Claim 200% to $2000 match on your first deposit at Titan Poker today.