Double Suited Hands In PLO

When your PLO starting hand contains 2 cards of each of 2 suits it is referred to as ‘Double Suited’. A Hand with 2 suited and 2 unsuited cards is referred to as ‘Single Suited’. The ability to make flushes, and indeed to block some outs for opponents flushes gives your hand an advantage. This article will look at the effect of suitedness (both single and double) on your winning chances in pot-limit Omaha.

The format will be to examine winning chances before the flop against a range of your opponent’s possible holdings – here is an example:

You Hold: 5-6-7-8
Your Opponent Holds: A-A-K-J

If both hands are unsuited (4-suits) your winning chances all-in pre-flop are 42.76%… if your hand is double suited and your opponent’s hand is unsuited then your winning chances improve to 50.13%. Where your hand is unsuited and your opponents hand is double suited your winning chances are just 36.68%. As you can see there is a large difference here – switching double suitedness can turn you from a small favorite into a 2/1 underdog!

To look deeper into the effects of double suitedness we will give you the best possible PLO starting hand A-A-J-10 double suited (some might argue that this is A-A-K-K double suited, bit for the purposes of this article both can be considered great!). This time we will see how your chances are affected against multiple opponents.

One Opponent – Double Suited PLO Hand Matchups
A-A-J-10 no suits vs 7-7-8-8 double suited = 54% / 46%
A-A-J-10 double suited vs 7-7-8-8 no suits = 67% / 33%
A-A-J-10 double suited vs 7-7-8-8 double suited (same suits!) = 65% / 35%

Two Opponents – Double Suited PLO Hand Matchups
A-A-J-10 no suits vs 7-7-8-8 double suited vs K-K-5-6 double suited = 33% / 37% / 30%
A-A-J-10 double suited vs 7-7-8-8 no suits vs K-K-5-6 no suits = 52% / 27% / 21%

OK, we can see a big effect of double suiteness before the flop from the PLO hand matchups above, especially when players hold the same suits and one has a dominating flush draw. But what about the effect after the flop? We will give one player a made hand in each scenario – and set the flop to discount straight draws to see the effect of suits on your winning chances on the flop.

Effect Of Double Suited Hands On The Flop

A-A-J-10 Double Suited vs 7-7-8-8 unsuited on a flop of A-2-9 with 2 suits matching the A-A-J-10 hand = 97% / 3%
A-A-J-10 Unsuited vs 7-7-8-8 double suited on the same A-2-9 flop with 2 suits matching the 7-7-8-8 hand = 71% / 29%

Again we see a considerable difference! Bookmark Omaha Planet today, new insights and strategy articles to help you profit from online PLO games will be added every week. Remember, playing PLO without at the softest sites (both US and non-US) can add a significant boost to your poker profits. We analyze the main candidates in our article on the Best Site For PLO Cash Games.