Jeff Hwang’s Omaha Poker Strategy

Jeff Hwang Authored One Of The Best Pot-Limit Omaha Strategy Books To Come Out In Many Years – Read Our Summary Of His Strategy Here

Jeff Hwang’s ‘Pot Limit Omaha Poker: The Big Play Strategy’ is a must-read for anyone interested in improving their PLO game. In our opinion this book joins a select group of genuinely insightful Omaha strategy guides, its solid advice will quickly repay the cover price.

In essence Hwang’s strategy can be summed up as getting yourself in a position to win the big one – that is to say the focus should always be on taking your opponents entire stack. Smaller pots are an essential element of any Omaha poker game, and Hwang does not dismiss their importance, however these are seen as a by-product of setting yourself up for the biggest pots of all.

Pot-Limit Omaha: The Big Play Strategy is well structured, after introducing the concept of the biggest pots, Jeff Hwang turns his attention to which kinds of hands actually win an opponents entire stack – after all opponents who play big pots with sub-standard holdings in PLO will not be playing very long.

Straights with redraws is the answer – as many Omaha players will know paired or 3-flush boards tend to kill action, however straights in Omaha can have as many as 21 outs.

The idea is that you share the same (nut) straight with an opponent, but have better redraws. Examples can include flopping the nut straight while holding higher straight cards – giving you the nuts with 4 or 8 outs to an even higher straight. Straight draws with 2 pairs have full house redraws, and straight draws with the nut flush draw are also powerful holdings. This is known as ‘freerolling’ – since the worst outcome is to split the pot with an opponent with the same straight and you have a number of outs to win the whole pot. While you will not win every time, these situations involve a huge equity advantage, often 30% or more of your opponent’s stack.

Moving on from this concept Hwang gives the most comprehensive overview of Pot-Limit Omaha starting hand selection published anywhere. We really liked the logic of this section – working backwards to find which hands make those nut hands with redraws which are so desirable. Highlights include a very detailed look at wrap straight draws and the kind of hands which – though they appear similar – make sucker holdings rather than have nut potential.

Pot-Limit Omaha: The Big Play Strategy has several other sections, including a detailed look at post flop play and many hand examples to illustrate the points made, there are even sections on Omaha Hi-Lo and PLO8. Once again, we recommend this book – we will leave you with the essence of Jeff Hwang’s post flop strategy.

“If You Have It, Bet It…. If You Have A Big Nut Draw ‘Bet It Like You Have It’ Until Someone Else Says They ‘Have It’… At Which Point Re-Evaluate Your Options!”

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