5 Tips To Improve Your Fixed Limit Omaha Hi-Lo

Fixed Limit Omaha Hi-Lo is a fantastic poker variation that appeals to players worldwide, these 5 tips to improve your fixed limit Omaha Hi-Lo will see you profiting at the tables today!

Tip #1 – Scoop Potential

Make sure that every hand you play has the potential to scoop both the high and the low sides of the pot at the same time. Aces suited with other cards in your hand are the best starting hands to do this with, since they can make flushes at the same time as the best low. Avoid hands with middling low cards – you are likely to make both the worst high and worst low with these. High only hands win the pot 30% of the time – make sure that you only play these when there are no low or flush draws on the board.

Tip #2 – Avoid Being ‘Quartered’

Quartering describes the times when you share the low side of the pot with another player while losing the high side. This can get expensive in Omaha Hi-Lo, you receive exactly 25c back for every $1 that you put into the pot. Being quartered often happens when you are playing a ‘bare A-2’, that is a hand containing A-2 and no other low cards – having another low card will help you avoid being quartered, and will also provide some back up for those times and ace or two appear on the turn or river.

Tip #3 – Starting Hands Which Work Together

Since, in Omaha Poker, you can only use 2 cards from your own hand (together with 3 from the board) it is important to give yourself as many chances as possible to hit the flop… someone will have the nut high / low or a good draw to them in most cases. Choosing starting hands with features such as suitedness, connectedness and back-up low cards will give you extra ways to win the pot at showdown. Suited cards with aces and other ‘babies’ are the strongest of all.

Tip #4 – Position Is King!

Playing too many hands from early position costs many players money in fixed limit Omaha hi-lo poker games. Choosing to play from late position has the advantage of seeing your opponents act before you need to make a decision your self. If several opponents raise ahead of you then you may choose to fold a marginal hand, if your opponents appear weak then a timely bet can win the pot. Position will ensure that you lose less money when behind in a hand and get to build a big pot when ahead – make sure that you use this to your advantage.

Tip #5 – Bluff Less / Value Bet More

Especially in the lower buy-in fixed limit Omaha games online there are many inexperienced players who will go all the way to the river with some very dubious hands. Take advantage of these players loose play by cutting down on your bluffs (semi-bluffs with scoop hands can still be profitable) and increasing the range of hands which you ‘value bet’ (bet because you may have the best hand) on the river. Since your opponents are unlikely to fold the bluff loses much of its effectiveness in low level fixed limit Omaha Hi-lo games.

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