Best Fixed Limit Sites

Omaha is by nature a looser game than other forms of poker, given that players have a total of nine cards to make a five card hand with, instead of seven or five in other games. These additional cards not only allow players to make better hands, but even more notably, they also permit them to draw to better hands.

So therefore Omaha is much more of a drawing game than its cousin Texas Holdem. Winning hands in Holdem generally start out that way, and players who end up having the best hand at one point and then get drawn out on often get very upset, whether it’s justified or not.

With Omaha, draw outs happen much more often, and in Omaha it’s not so much what you have, it’s what you could make out of your hand later that defines correct play. So, for instance, in Holdem you could be sitting with pocket aces and expect to win, and be the favorite, and even get upset when you don’t. In Omaha pocket aces aren’t anything to get excited about at all, and even if you hit another one, that’s not all that great of a hand either.

Fixed Limit Omaha Is Poker At Its Loosest

So Omaha is therefore more about managing the odds that you are presented with, and given that the most popular format of Omaha is pot limit, as opposed to no limit, you will often have the odds to play on. So this is why Omaha is a looser game.

When you change the betting format from pot limit to fixed limit, then things really get interesting. If you are looking to play the loosest poker around, you have definitely found it here. In fact it’s very often correct for players who have entered pots to stick around to try to hit even the slimmer draws, since the cost of continuing where there are a lot of other players in the hand is very often going to be small.

Strategy Is Still At A Premium Though With Fixed Limit Omaha

This doesn’t mean that the object of the game in fixed limit Omaha is to just play a ton of hands and play them all the way to the river. You still need to be selective, like every other form of poker. However, you can’t just play very tight like you can in Holdem and be successful, as that strategy in fixed limit Omaha will have you losing money every time.

So the trick is to find the right balance between being selective with your hands and not going overboard either, and also not pushing your hands too far when you really don’t have the odds to do so. So fixed limit Omaha is definitely an interesting game, and one that all Omaha players should at least check out.

Fixed limit Omaha is also a good place to start for newer Omaha players, who can worry about getting more comfortable with the game of Omaha generally without having to be concerned about how much to bet, or how to deal with the bigger bets that you are faced with in Pot Limit. Having a fixed betting structure will also limit how much players can lose, which is definitely a good thing if you aren’t that skilled at the game of Omaha yet.

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What Makes A Great Fixed Limit Omaha Site?

The first thing that a great, or even good fixed limit Omaha site has to have is at least a decent amount of fixed limit Omaha traffic. Just because a poker site has a good amount of traffic generally, or even a good amount of Omaha traffic overall, this doesn’t mean that there is all that much fixed limit Omaha action there.

Fixed limit Omaha players also have a variety of different preferences as far as the games they like to play, and like any other form of poker, there are all sorts of choices that can be made here.

First of all, maybe you prefer cash games, and perhaps you prefer tournaments. If you like tournaments, maybe you prefer scheduled ones, and maybe you like sit and go tournaments more. If you prefer cash games, maybe you like full ring, shorthanded, or heads up.

There is also two main forms of Omaha, which are Omaha Hi and Omaha Hi/Lo, so a good site offers both. They also offer a wide range of stakes and buy in levels across all of these variations. So when you consider that Omaha itself is a niche game, and fixed limit Omaha is a smaller niche within it, and then you look to all of these even smaller niches of the various types and stake levels, then you can see that it can be a challenge to find a good site to play your preferred version of fixed limit Omaha at. So this is where we come in, to offer you our top recommendations of the best places to play fixed limit Omaha on the internet.

There’s a Lot More To It Than Just Traffic Though

There may not be a single form of poker where finding enough traffic is as important. This is because the less people play a game, the harder it is to find enough people who play it at a given poker site. So the amount of fixed limit Omaha traffic a poker site has does definitely factor in to our ratings.

However, there is always more to it than just traffic, and even a lot of traffic won’t help you if it isn’t the right kind of traffic that you are looking for, or should be looking for, meaning players who are relatively easy to beat. There’s a lot of other factors that need to be accounted for as well, however you can rest assured that we’ve taken everything into consideration in coming up with our list of the top fixed limit Omaha sites for you. So you’re welcome to try them out for yourselves by just clicking on the links we have for you!