Omaha Rakeback

This article is an introduction to rakeback for Omaha Poker fans who have not yet discovered this form of rewards! We cover the basics of how Omaha rakeback works and how you can claim a deal, then explain why this is especially important for Omaha players before providing a quick listing of the sites which tick both the ‘Omaha’ and ‘Rakeback’ boxes!

Note: I decided to focus all the best deals on my dedicated rakeback site – – this article will remain as an intro and guide… though the links and latest deals (and we have some great ones!) will now appear on the RBFTW site!

Omaha Rakeback – What Is This And How Does It Work?

Rakeback is a form of benefit provided by poker sites to keep their players loyal. Each time you play a hand or join a tournament you are paying a small amount of money to the poker site hosting the games. In cash games those few cents taken from each pot add up fast – and for tournaments / SNGs the fee is usually 10% of your buy-in.

With rakeback you get a percentage, usually between 27% and 40% of this cash returned to you. Depending on which site you play at you will receive this money in different ways – either direct or via an affiliate.

How Do I Go About Arranging A Deal?

Setting up a rakeback deal will involve going through an affiliate, who pools lots of players together in order to get the very best rate from the poker site. Depending on which site you get your deal from the affiliate will often also manage your payouts, providing you with a log-in Id and ability to cash out into your poker site account or an e-wallet. Other sites handle the rakeback ‘in house’, however these deals are not available without going through a special tracker.

Why Following The Process Is Key!

If you set up an account at a poker site without rakeback, it is very difficult – if not impossible – to be switched over to a rakeback deal. For this reason a simple process using the right download link and bonus codes must be followed when you sign-up for a deal. Most tracking problems are caused by long-forgotten cookies from non-rakeback adverts, it is thus imperative that you clear your cookies before signing up. At the end of each review on Omaha Planet you will find simple instructions on how to get the very best deal, make sure you follow these closely to avoid disappointment.

Which Deals Are Recommended For Omaha Players?

With bigger pots and bigger action we recommend that you do not play a single hand until you have got rakeback in place – you are literally handing money to the poker sites which could be in your own account.

The following sites are recommended for Omaha players because they combine the best rakeback deals with enough Omaha games:

Omaha Rakeback Candidate #1 – iPoker Network

Non-US players can not go wrong with the iPoker Network – a collection of poker sites which pool their players together and are the 3rd biggest poker site online. We feature Titan Poker where you can earn anything up to 30% VIP rewards depending on your level and volume of play. Key to this deal is that the tables are some of the fishiest you will find anywhere online – meaning profit potential is huge in addition to the VIP Bonus deal, check out our iPoker Omaha Titan Poker Review for more.

Other Great Omaha Rakeback Deals:

  • Bovada Poker, 30% cashback available at this fast-growing US-Friendly site, Read Our Bovada Poker review for more.
  • Party Poker, Up to 40% equivalent from Parties all new VIP loyalty program, Read our Party Poker Omaha Review for more.
  • Carbon Poker, 35% VIP returns (no longer doing straight rakeback), fishy tables and great graphics combine to make Carbon a popular choice, Read our Carbon Poker Omaha Rakeback page for more.