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Important Notice: PokerStars is no longer accepting players from Greece!

Poker Stars are the number #1 online poker site by a very long way. At peak times they host more than triple the traffic of their nearest rivals (Party and Titan). There are many good reasons for this site being so popular – including their fantastic Omaha poker game selection, software and the fact that Pokerstars really know how to look after their regular players (Slovakian players are not accepted) with loyalty bonuses and rewards..

There are plenty of fish to be found at Poker Stars – however there are also a lot of online ‘pro grinders ’, many of whom play multiple tables to grind out a profit. At the mid-to high stakes you will need to practice good table selection to avoid these tighter players, however the big benefits of this site – including the very best VIP club on the net which offers better rewards the more you play – more than make up for this small extra effort!

Bonuses And Promotions

Poker Stars recently improved their sign-up bonus to a huge 100% to $600, what is more this can be spread over your first 3 deposits (within 90 days). Use the links on this page to ensure you are tracked correctly to claim this.

The main attraction at Pokerstars is not the big sign-up bonus – but the Poker Stars VIP Club and associated benefits for regular players. This works on various levels, collecting points moving you through silver, gold and so on. The points can be exchanged for books / electronics from the store or used to enter tournaments including satellites to offline televised events. You will also get entry to monthly freerolls with huge prize pools of $20k / $50k / $100k etc. At the higher levels of the VIP club (called supernova / supernova elite and so on) you will get cash gifts of up to $10,000 – something for high stakes and / or high volume players to seriously consider. Adding up the cash reward benefits of the VIP club shows that 28% rakeback equivalent is possible for ‘Supernova’ players with 24% for Platinum Star and so on – this can make a huge difference to your poker profits.

Omaha Cash Game Selection

6-max tables are the most popular in the Pot-Limit Omaha high cash games list. These are available at a range of levels from 1c / 2c right up to $200 / $400 blinds. The tables are busy at the low and mid-limits with a great choice right up to $3 / $6. Higher stakes tables are also well used, in particular at peak times of US evenings and weekends. Heads-up tables can also be found. The fixed-limit Omaha high tables do not attract a great deal of interest, pot-limit Omaha being the game of choice.

Omaha hi-lo is available in Fixed-limit, Pot-Limit and No-Limit betting and also features a huge amount of traffic. Again 6-player tables are popular – though there are a number of 9-player tables available too. The highest pot-limit tables have $30 / $60 blinds with fixed limit games up to $75 / $150. Betting levels starting at just cents are available too as are heads-up matches.

Tables are divided into shallow stacked (20 to 50 Blinds), Normal (40 to 100 blinds) and deep stacked (100 to 250 times the blinds) ensuring that different playing styles are looked after. You can also find fast action tables and games denominated in Euros instead of dollars – something for everyone!

Omaha Tournaments + Sit N Goes Selection

Poker Stars have the single widest selection of Omaha Poker tournaments online. Buy-ins range from $2 through to the weekly $215 event and are available in all of the combinations of betting format + hi-lo. Some Omaha tournaments feature re-buys will make for fast-paced action at the tables as players compete to get a big stack during the re-buy hour.

Sit and Goes are widely available in Omaha format – the pot-limit Omaha high being the most popular. At buy-ins of $20 and under you will never have to wait too long for a table to fill up. In addition to the 1-table Omaha SNGs there are 2 table and 5 table versions available. Double or Nothing and Steps SNGs are now also available in PLO format.

Final Thoughts

Poker Stars is the world’s most popular poker site for many good reasons. Use the links on this page to claim your full 100% to $600 first deposit bonus and start earning those profitable VIP club points today – click now to find out what makes the World’s most popular poker site by a looong way!