Omaha Poker Tournaments Guide

Omaha Poker Tournaments are becoming more popular online by the week! Here we look at the different types of Omaha poker tournaments available and provide links to relevant articles for further information.

Multi-Table ‘Freezeout’ Tournaments

There is a large difference between the poker sites in terms of the number, buy-ins and field sizes for the tournaments on offer in Omaha poker format. The biggest sites, including Poker Stars, Full Tilt and Titan Poker offer a variety of game formats including Omaha Hi-Lo, Fixed and Pot-Limit Omaha tournaments and ‘deep stacked’ games. The smaller sites tend only to offer PLO poker tournaments.

Field sizes range from 100 up to about 350 for these and the buy-in levels vary widely too. The biggest buy-ins are in the $200 range (Stars / Tilt) but the majority of Omaha tournaments range from $5 through to $20. Players should take into account the very wide skill differences between the sites.

Multi-Table ‘Rebuy’ Tournaments

Omaha poker is particularly well suited to rebuy tournaments, where participants can keep adding chips to their stacks when broke (during the first hour). The deeper stacked nature of rebuy Omaha tournaments means that there is more ‘play’ in the later stages. There are many great Omaha rebuys online, once again our list of the Best Site For Omaha Poker Tournaments will give you detailed information on where to find these.

Rush Omaha Poker Tournaments

Note: Full Tilt are closed: I am hoping they return in the early part of 2012 and bring us back the Rush PLO tournaments! In the meantime I am recommending Pokerstars as the best choice for PLO MTT fans!

If you have never experienced the thrill of a Rush Poker tournament then we recommend you try this format at least once. The idea is that all the dead time waiting for others to complete hands is eliminated, by moving you to a new table as soon as you press the fold button – you can even press ‘quick fold’ to avoid waiting for your turn. Players are continually recombined meaning reads are harder to come by too. Rush Omaha can be found in PLO and PLO8 format, with rebuys popular. You’ll need to focus on the action, which gets down to the last few tables much faster than you would expect. Rush Omaha can be found exclusively at Full Tilt Poker.

Sit N Go Tournaments

The 1-table Omaha Poker Tournaments are becoming very popular. These can be found in PLO, Fixed Limit Omaha and Omaha Hi-Lo format. Many online poker sites offer these games by there is a big difference between them in how quickly a table will fill up, varying between just a couple of minutes for the bigger sites to quite a long wait (outside of peak hours) for the smaller ones. There are also multi-table SNGs available in Omaha poker format at certain sites. Check our detailed review of the Best Site For Omaha Sit N Go Tournaments for more information on these.

Knockout Bounty Tournaments

Note: Same Again Full Tilt offered these excellent games, I could not find any knockout PLO tournaments worth writing about anywhere else! This entry can stay for a few more months until the Full Tilt situation becomes clearer.

Knockout tournaments involve a bounty reward for each player you knock out – in addition to the normal prize pool. Different sites split the buy-ins in their own ways, with 80 / 20 being common – so $2 of each $10 or $12 buy-in becoming the bounty on each player. Inexperienced players often over-adjust for the bounties – making some crazy plays to try and bag the $2! If you can instead adjust to the crazy adjustments you can make a lot of cash in these games. Several sites now feature knockout tournaments – however Full Tilt Poker again stand out from the crowd in terms of the number of games available and diverse range of buy-ins.

Events And Big Buy-Ins

Omaha poker tournaments are regularly included in the big online events including the Full Tilt ‘FTOPS’, Titan ‘ECOOP’ and Stars ‘WCOOP’. There are also many online qualifiers for the WSOP Omaha events. Check our guide to the Biggest Online Omaha Tournament Events for more details.

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