Pot Limit Omaha Double Or Nothing SNGs

Double Or Nothing, sometimes called Double Up Omaha SNGs are 1-table tournaments with 6 or 10 players. The tournament ends when there are half of the players remaining, each of whom then receives double their stake money – those knocked out receive nothing. They are available in Pot-Limit Omaha High and Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-Lo format at several leading poker sites, these are covered below.

Why Play PLO Double Or Nothing SNGs?

There are 2 ‘Ps’ in the answer to this question – pleasure and profit. The PLO Double or Nothing SNGs make a refreshing and enjoyable change from either cash games or tournaments. They are also very profitable, the reason that they are profitable is that opponents make very big and very costly errors with their equity – a simple tight and aggressive strategy is the perfect counter for this, especially at the $20 and below levels. We will cover the basic omaha double-up SNG strategy in the last part of this article.

Where Is The Best Place To Play Double Or Nothing Omaha SNGs?

We suggest the following 3 sites, while each has their pros and cons these 3 sites were chosen to give a diverse selection for high-volume players (Stars) and recreational players on both sides of the atlantic ocean. As the popularity of Double or Nothing SNGs grows more and more sites are adopting these – for me Stars and Cake Poker are the best candidates!

Double Up PLO SNGs at Pokerstars: Pokerstars changed their Double-or-Nothing SNG tournaments into Fifty50 format. These games also stop when 5 of the 10 players are left standing. The difference is that half of the prize pool is split between the last 5, and the other half is distributed based on your chip count when the game is over. This adds a great twist to the DoN strategy, while keeping the games fast and fun..

Pokerstars offer a great new player bonus which can be split over up to 3 deposits – this is 100% up to a total of $600, use Marketing code PSP3108, when you register. Pokerstars also offer some of the very best promos and loyalty bonuses anywhere online – which goes a long way to explain why they are the world’s most popular site by a wide margin! Read our Pokerstars Omaha Review for more, or even better check out the fantastic Omaha Fifty50 SNGs for yourself by visiting Pokerstars.com now!

Double Up PLO SNGs at TItan Poker : Nowhere else will you find softer opponents (less experienced and knowledgeable about Poker strategy) than on the iPoker Network – of which Titan Poker is one of the biggest brand names. With a range of lower buy-ins and a choice of both 6 and 10 handed double-up PLO Sit N Go tournaments we strongly recommend this site to all players outside of the US. Titan Pokeroffer a generous VIP loyalty scheme worth up to 30% for their players on top of a huge 200% match up to $2000 for new players. Read our Titan Omaha Review for more, or even better check out those fishy Titan Poker tables for yourself now – you will be pleasantly surprised!!

Double Up PLO SNGs At Lock Poker: Fast growing and US-friendly, Lock are unique in that the hi-lo split games are often more popular here than the high-only Omaha poker. Double or nothing PLO and PLO8 SNGs are available at a number of buy-ins and at 10 or 6 handed. Easy deposits make this a great choice US Players and the lack of pro-grinders keep the games soft compared to some of the other US-friendly sites too. “Gold chip” and “Gold Card’ promotions are regarded as some of the best loyalty rewards in the business, keeping regular players bankrolls well topped up. New players at Lock Poker can claim a 200% matched deposit bonus up to $4000 . Check out the easy Double or Nothing Omaha SNGs for yourself now at LockPoker.com!

Strategy Tips For Omaha Poker Double Or Nothing SNGs

Strategy for the Double-Up Sit N Goes at the lower to mid levels is all about understanding your equity in the prize pool as you get to the bubble. An example will illustrate the dynamic:
There are 6 players left – each with equal chip stacks and equal skill levels. Ignoring the position of the blinds each player will, on average, win 5 double-ups and lose one. If the buy-in was $10 and the winners receive $20 then the average equity each player has in the prize pool is $16.66c = ($20/(5/6)).

Now we can introduce the single biggest strategy consideration – if you ‘go to war’ with another player at the bubble of an Omaha DoN SNG you need to consider your risk compared to your reward. In this example if we get all-in pre-flop at the bubble we are risking our ‘average equity’ of $16.66 – yet our potential reward is just $3.34 more than if we had folded… in other words there is a huge gap between total risk and total reward – a gap that the close rank of Omaha hands will never overcome.

This has knock-on effects to the earlier stages of the PLO Double Up Omaha SNGs, since maintaining enough chips to be able to get opponents to fold (or at lower blinds at least make it obvious that you are committed to calling an pot-committing re-raise) is vital. In turn this makes tighter than normal play better in the early stages and makes stealing blinds to maintain your stack in the middle stages more important too.

With so many weak players in these games, simply playing solid Omaha should see you profiting. Remember that when 2 players go to war with sub-standard holdings at the bubble the 4 players not in the hand are the prime beneficiaries.