PLO8 Poker – Ace-Two Errors And How To Spot Them

While A-2 is a pretty sight in any Omaha Hi-Lo game, it can be a dangerous hand either without help or in the wrong players hands – here we look at 3 common situations where Ace-Two-X-X starting hands can induce errors in your opponents, and suggest ways you can profit from these!

A Little Help Is Always Required…

Ace-Two on its own is not a through ticket to scooping a big pot on its own. With no other low cards you will make a low by the river only XX% of the time… in fact the main danger with this hand is that those times the flop is favorable and ace or deuce on a later street will counterfeit you. Sometimes the pairing the ace will win you the high, but it is a brave player who calls big bets with one pair for high all the way to the river.

Solving these issues is simple, look for Ace-Deuce hands with some backup in both directions. A suited ace, another wheel card or a high pair all add value.

Giving Away Your Hand Too Early…

Some extra tight players will raise (or re-raise) with so few hands before the flop in PLO8 Poker games that you can put them on A-A-X-X or A-2-X-X those times they do raise. The worst of these may compound this error by being reluctant to release these hands on the flop when the danger signals of being quartered (or worse) are there.

Balancing your strategy by raising enough hands to ensure you are not too easily read can be a profitable strategy – especially if your raises are from late position, with hands containing 2-way possibilities or against predictable opponents.

Chasing Out Worse Lows When Strong

An Premium Ace-Two hand is one that contains suits and baby side-cards – these hands have excellent multi-way potential and should be played to maximize the chances of scooping a big pot. Creating multi-way action will often depend on how you bet before the flop in relation to both position and the tendencies of opponents. Re-raising to get heads-up with a high hand may not be the best outcome. Thinking about how your bets can create a large multi-way pot can lead to bigger wins over time!

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