10 Game Mix At Full Tilt Poker

Notice: Full Tilt Poker and Pokerstars no longer take US players. In the meantime your best alternative for some great mixed game action is CarbonPoker.com, the 8-game mix is especially busy at a range of levels! Check out CarbonPoker now.

Currently the biggest mix in the world of online Mixed Game Poker, Full Tilt’s 10 game mix includes Limit Holdem, Limit Stud H/L, Pot-Limit Omaha Hi, Limit 207 Triple Draw, Limit Razz, No Limit Holdem, Limit Omaha H/L, Limit Stud Hi, No Limit 2-7 Single Draw and Limit Badugi.

With a mix of heads-up and 6-player tables available – and a new game every 10 hands the action is entertaining as well as profitable to anyone with a knowledge of sound poker strategy. Stakes (big bets) range from 5c / 10c (that’s 2c big blinds in the no-limit games) to $1500 / $3000 for the nosebleed stakes crowd. There are shallow and deep stacked tables available.

Key to these games is that they tend to attract a lot of recreational players without too much poker strategy experience. This leads to loose and wild poker, your variance will be high (since people do not like to fold!), and your profits will be big over time.

Full Tilt Poker 10 Game Mix – Rundown Of Which Games Are Included

Here is a rundown of the games in the order that they appear, the games switch every 10 hands.

Limit Holdem: Fixed limit Holdem was the most popular game of all less than 10 years ago. Here the bets double on the turn, watch out for large pots – where opponents are unlikely to be folding for a single bet on the end with any hope at all of winning.

Limit Stud High-Low: This is the variation of 7-card stud in which the pot is split between the best high hand and best low at showdown. Aces count low and suited babies are considered to be the premium starting hands.

Pot-Limit Omaha Hi: This round is my favorite, since inexperienced opponents often over-value their high-pair hands. If you hit well on the flop (hand and / or redraw) then be happy to get all the money in over and over again. See our Pot Limit Omaha main page for more on this fantastic game!

Limit 2-7 Triple Draw: Here you need to make the lowest hand, with aces high, over 3 draws. Straights and flushes count against you, meaning the best hand is 2-3-4-5-7. Expect some big pots and crazy plays – and watch for new players who think that their aces are low cards too.

Limit Razz: This is the lowball version of stud, with players looking for 5 unique low cards from their own 7-card hands. Aces are low in Razz, with the best hand being A-2-3-4-5, known as a ‘wheel’.

No Limit Holdem: The Cadillac of poker and profitable in a mixed game format too. Playing from position and value betting strong hands all the way will beat the type of opponents you expect to find in these games.

Limit Omaha Hi-Lo: Split pot Omaha might be understood in theory by your opponents, however they will tend to chase any and all hands (high or low) to the river. Start with suited ace-small hands and watch people get scooped and quartered again and again.

Limit Stud Hi: 7-card stud where the high hand only wins the pot. With an extra betting round compared to Holdem it can be expensive to chase 2nd best hands in Stud. I recommend strict starting requirements, with hidden pairs more valuable than split ones.

No-Limit 2-7 Single Draw: This game is amazing, you need to make the lowest hand with aces high and straights / flushes bad. You have one draw to do so and can bet any amount you like. Not only is this game fun, it is very profitable for players who understand the basics of a solid poker strategy.

Limit Badugi: This is another low card game. You need to hit 4 low cards of different suits and draw any number you like to do so. Again, inexperienced opponents will stand pat with suited lows – often giving up a couple of big pots before they understand the game properly.