HORSE Mixed Game Poker – An Introduction

HORSE Poker is becoming more popular online as each month passes. This game mixed 5 popular forms of poker in one game – and creates a great opportunity for thinking poker players to make considerable profits. This article introduces the games involved in HORSE Poker and the different formats (cash / SNGs / MTTs) you can find this in. We conclude by recommending 3 great sites where you can start growing your HORSE Poker Bankroll today.

What Is HORSE Poker?

HORSE mixes 5 popular poker games in a fixed-limit betting format. Those games are:

– Holdem
– Omaha Hi-Lo Split 8-Or-Better
– Razz
– 7-Card Stud
– 7-Card Stud Hi-Lo Split 8-Or-Better

This mix of games includes 2 games with blinds and community cards (Holdem and Omaha Hi-Lo), 3 variations of 7-Card Stud (with Razz being the low-only form of Stud) and 2 Hi-Lo split games. The combination is thought to be a true test of poker skills, since individual players are rarely experts in all the possible variations. In reality, especially at the lower stakes, HORSE Poker simply provides more opportunities for your opponents to make mistakes – and thus for you to profit – than other poker games.

Rotation of the games will depend on the format you are playing, in cash games this is usually based on a number of hands (8 to 10 hands of each game being common), while in tournaments / SNGs the rounds are usually timed and will match with the blind / ante increases.

What HORSE Poker Formats Are Available?

HORSE Cash Games: This is the most popular form of HORSE Poker online and can be found at many of the leading sites. The most common format is 8 Players, with 6-max and heads-up games also available. Stakes start at just cents (Stars) and go up to eye-watering heights – with both Stars and Full Tilt hosting games with blinds $100 and more. The most popular tables, and those with the most recreational / inexperienced opponents have blinds between 25c / 50c and $2 / $4.

HORSE Tournaments: The tournament form of HORSE Poker is available only at the largest poker sites – where there are enough fans of this great variant to fill the tables. Lower level buy-ins from $5 to $20 often attracting more than 100 participants. Tournaments are a great way to gain HORSE experience for a fixed outlay. The fixed limit betting structure means that even your least experienced opponents are likely to be around for the first hour.

HORSE SNG Tournaments: Again the largest sites are the place to head for the Sit N Goes in HORSE Poker format. These 1-table tournaments will actually fill within 5 to 10 minutes at the smallest levels at Poker Stars – for the medium to higher buy-ins you will need to wait a while outside of peak times. Again SNGs represent a great way for beginners in this form of poker to gain experience for a limited outlay – and with the terrible opposition you will find in these games it is also easy for thinking players to run at a profit.

Part #3 – Best Sites For HORSE Poker?

While we expect the popularity of HORSE to continue growing the fact is that only the largest sites currently have enough fans of this game to provide a really good selection of tables. Below we list only the sites which combine enough games and tournaments to choose from, along with a rakeback (or VIP club equivalent) deal – remember, if you sign up without rakeback you will regret it!!

Poker Stars HORSE offering is the largest of all, with many tables running around the clock and fast-filling tournaments and SNGs. This is the largest online poker site by a long way and for good reasons. With the Stars VIP club offering between 16% and 28% rakeback for higher volume players, plus a huge $600 welcome bonus, this should be one for any players mixed-games short-list. Check out Pokerstars now to find out for yourself why this site is the most popular in the world.