Basic Flop Betting Strategy In Fixed Limit Omaha Poker

With large numbers of made hands and draws to flushes and straights, it can be difficult to make opponents fold by betting on the flop in fixed-limit Omaha poker. Conversely, those times when you have a very powerful hand you will want to make more bets from your opponents without making them fold.

These are the two most common scenarios in which your betting strategy affects your play in fixed limit Omaha Poker. This article looks at how you can make small adjustments which will contribute to your overall profits by being aware of your position at the table and type of cards you are holding.

It is often the case that your opponents will call a single small bet on the flop in Omaha, but will not ‘cold-call’ 2 bets. This is especially the case if the betting is not closed (so the original bettor could re-raise once again).

Those times you have a strong but vulnerable hand on the flop your position relative to the likely bettor is an important factor. For example if the likely bettor is on the button and you act first from early position then checking a strong hand with the intention of raising is often the correct play. Those opponents trapped between you and the flop raiser will be reluctant to call 2 bets here – especially since the button may re-raise once again.

If you are to the right of the likely bettor – with opponents yet to act behind your aggressive foe – then raising yourself first time and hoping that the aggressive player re-raises can be the better play. What you are looking for is the best way to push out opponents by making them call a double bet ‘cold’ rather than 2 single bets one after the other (which they will often do).

With a very strong hand, especially with multi-way potential, the optimal Omaha betting strategy is effectively reversed. In the first situation you would bet from 1st position, hoping that the players in the middle called your single small bet before the button raises – effectively forcing them to call a 2nd bet or fold.

When you are to the immediate right of the bettor with a monster hand then checking and hoping that the players in-between call one bet can be more profitable. When you come in with a second small bet then those same opponents will usually call again. Caution is advised with strong hands which may be easily outdrawn.

Good flop betting strategy in Fixed Limit Omaha poker involves imagining how the action will go down based on who raised pre-flop – and then manipulating this action to best suit your holding based on your position at the tablet. Before you decide on which course of action to take ask yourself whether you wish to drive opponents out or keep them in – the correct course of action will often become much clearer.

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