Deep Stacked Omaha

Your Skills Can Really Shine When Stacks Are 200 Blinds Deep, Add To This The Fact That There Are No Short-Stackers For Added Benefits Of Deep Stacked Omaha Poker.

Deep Stacked Omaha Poker is the game at its very best, making decisions based on strategy knowledge, reads on opponents and table position with 200 or more times the blind in your stack is a real battle of poker skills. This article looks at where you can play deep-stacked Omaha poker (including deep stacked PLO8).

Notice: While this used to be a comparison article – there is now only 1 real choice for deep stacked Omaha fans! Since Full Tilt closed Pokerstars are the only option offering 250+ BB PLO and PLO8 in any volume. Since we love competition among the sites I hope to be rewriting this one soon with details of some deep-stacked rivals!

Short Stacking Strategy in Omaha Poker is a proven method to scrape a profit by taking advantage of deep stacked opponents who are trying to build a pot against other deep stacks. With deep-stacked tables the minimum buy-in is set at 50 times the big-blind, effectively shutting out those who practice a short stacking strategy.

Deep Stacked Omaha Poker –– Poker Stars

The most popular poker site online make sure that all tastes are catered for with 3 separate bands of buy-ins on their Omaha tables. These start at ‘shallow’ with 20 to 50 Blinds being the minimum / max buy-in. Standard games range from 40 to 100 blinds and deep games go from 100 to 250 blinds. With a huge choice of games at each level you really will not have to look far to find profitable PLO or PLO8 poker at Pokerstars. Combine this with their fantastic software, generous promotions and highly acclaimed player loyalty bonus scheme and you will start to see why Pokerstars are the most popular site by such a long way.

I love the deep stacked games at Stars, you can claim a 100% match bonus over up to 3 separate first deposits at this leading site. For the best benefits combined with the best deep stacked Omaha, check out for yourself now!

Deep stacked Omaha Poker is starting to gain a following online, and we expect the number of sites offering this in both tournament and cash game format can only grow – check out our section on the Best Omaha Poker Sites for the latest reviews and information.

Final addition, when playing deep stacked you need to be extra sure you do not make any mistakes in reading the board or mis-judging your opponents bets. This makes having a software assistant such as Omaha Indicator even more important (since those mistakes can be very expensive). Fortunately, Omaha Indicator is on the Pokerstars ‘approved tools’ list and perfectly legal to use at the tables. Visit the Omaha Indicator website now.