Rush Pot Limit Omaha Guide

Rush Poker Pot-Limit Omaha Games Are Fast, Fun And Profitable – Our Full Tilt PLO Rush Guide Reveals All!

Rush Pot-Limit Omaha is the single biggest new poker variation for PLO fans in years. The brainchild of Full Tilt Poker, this game combines PLO rules and action with a pool of players – as soon as you close your own action on a hand you start a brand new one against players from the pool who are instantly recombined into new tables. Since you can fold out of turn (with a ‘quick-fold’ option) the amount of dead-time between hands is massively reduced – meaning you can get 200+ hands per hour at the small stakes PLO games. Rush is available in cash game and tournament format and in both PLO high and hi-lo format.

Rush Poker attracts a mix of players, from grinders who were until recently multi-tabling the PLO cash games – through to recreational players whose primary reason for straying onto the Rush tables is to have a little fun and try something different. In order to make a profit from these games you will need to work out who are the strong regulars and who are the recreational players fast, and since you will not see showdowns after you fold, getting reads in Rush can be a challenge in itself.

Rush Poker Omaha – Mistakes Your Opponents Will Make In PLO Rush

Strategy in any form of poker revolves around exploiting the errors of your opponents. So here we take a quick look at the kind of errors you will see at the PLO Rush Poker tables. New and recreational players will be making the classic Omaha mistakes of over-valuing premium pairs and non-nut sets, as well as paying to draw to non-nut hands. Regulars will be mixed, however many will adopt an ultra-aggressive style – repeatedly trying to push you off of your hand while hiding behind the fact that you will not see that they are trying to do this every hand.

Rush Poker Omaha – Profiting From Opponent Mistakes

Maybe this sounds familiar? We are about to suggest that playing quality hands aggressively from good position is the key to profiting from the PLO Rush Poker… Yes, that is much the same strategy as we use to profit from the standard cash games! Of course there are more aspects, taking stabs at small pots, floating (particularly the regs who will auto continuation bet) and ensuring that you are aware of the widely differing stack sizes which you will see in this form of poker are all important too.

Going back to our opponents and their errors – it should be clear that playing from position gives you the best opportunity to give the regulars difficult decisions, and also to take as much from the recreational players as possible. Remember that you can value bet far lighter against recreational opponents – making it important to identify any betting lines which look inexperienced on previous hands. Since the table changes as soon as you fold you can always hit the ‘sit out’ button to see any interesting showdowns.

While button-blind and blind-blind fights can get very intense in Rush Omaha, we would caution against going too far from the blinds unless you are an experienced hand-reader. There are simply too many situations where you will flop a strong but non-nut hand or draw from out of position. Your opponent on the button will have the opportunity to put you to extremely tough decisions for large sums too often (or the big blind in a small vs big blind confrontation) to be profitable. We recommend making sure you have a coordinated hand with nut potential before considering defending, and those times you do defend to do so positively and aggressively.

Well, I have to admit that PLO Rush is a particular favorite of mine – great in those small gaps I have between updating sites on the Planet network! I urge readers who have not tried to experience this entertaining and profitable form of poker at least once.