Pokerstars Supernova Elite From PLO

Supernova Elite is the top tier of the best VIP loyalty program offered by any online poker site – the Pokerstars VIP club. Getting there takes commitment, determination and multi-tabling, though the rewards which average $120,000 once you hit the target, are more than worth it.

Of course, $120k in bonuses and perks is just the start, once you achieve Supernova Elite you will have a 5 times multiplier on future player points – unlocking huge milestone bonuses well into year 2. We should also include profits from the tables, all those hands at even the smallest win rate will lead to a fat bankroll which could easily give you a ‘salary’ of $200,000 or more for 2011.

This article outlines the number of pot-limit omaha hands needed at different buy-in levels, shows you how you could start lower and move up as the year (and you bankroll) progresses. I will also outline some of the practicalities, especially the all-important psychological factors.

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Supernova Elite PLO – Some Numbers

I have outlined the number of hands and estimated number of hours at various buy-in levels using a combination of the VIP Calculator at Pokerstars and our own Omaha Rakeback Calculator (which includes tested adjustments for pot size at the different levels).

Base Assumptions: 80 Hands / Hour, PLO100 = .653 VPPs / Hand, PLO200 .904 VPPS / Hand, PLO400 1.214 VPPs / Hand

SNE Chase At PLO100 = Hands Required = 1,535,000 Yr, 128,000 / Month, 29,500 / Week or 4200 / Day
12 Tables @ 80 Hands / Hour = 960 – or 5 Hours Per Day
8 Tables @ 80 Hands / Hour = 640 – or 6.5 Hours Per Day

SNE Chase At PLO200 – Hands Required 1, 110,000 Yr = 92,500 / Month, 21350 / Week, 3000 / Day
12 Tables = 960 = 3.3 Hours Per Day
8 Tables = 640 = 4.7 Hours Per Day

SNE Chase At PLO200 + PLO400 – half / half – Hands Required = 916, 000 / Yr = 76,333 / Month = 17600 / Week = 2500 Per Day
12 Tables = 960 = < 3 hours per day 8 Tables = 640 = 4 Hours per day 1. Couple of assumptions here: Firstly you will need to be flexible with the game types outside of peak times, including short and deep games in your setup. I also noted that there will not always be enough PLO400 games available, and so included half / half PLO200 and 400. Of course, some of you will be mixing in higher games and can adjust accordingly. 2. Those hours can seem low, do not let that deceive you! It is easy to get behind and far more difficult to get back ahead!

Multi-Tabling, Your Physical And Mental Comfort Matter!

Some practicalities, lets start with the obvious – you need to at least break even over a very long time span. If you have leaks in your game then a million hands will be a very expensive endeavor! Study time and post-session analysis will be needed – I would recommend at least an extra hour per day and maybe more.

On the subject of hours, 3 hours+ a day seems like a breeze, however you’ll need breaks, vacations and sick days (though hopefully not too many of the latter). You’ll need to focus for those hours – so make sure you invest in a comfortable set up, monitor and chair… this is an investment which will pay for itself.

Trail Run Before You Commit

Many people hesitate when facing the commitment of 12 months, wondering if they can stay the distance. My recommendation with any chase is to give it a trial, do evenings and weekends for a few weeks and see if you can deal with multi-tabling and still win a little. You’ll know very quickly if it is not for you – and might be pleasantly surprised enough to go full time very soon.

Focus On The Money And Get Ahead Of The Race!

You can average $120,000 for that millionth VPP. If you are good enough to win just 0.1 BB / hand then we are adding between $100,000 and $200,000 more on top… this is life-changing money!
You’ll need to ride out some swings, keep grinding when you feel like slacking and take those beats in your stride. Getting ahead of the game, by building up more points in the first few months than you really need, will be a huge asset – it is much easier to motivate yourself when you know the hard work has already gone in.

Get over to now and get cracking on a more profitable year than you ever could have imagined!!